For all your 3D printing needs, think AB3D!

Our Mission: Locally produced social impact. We at AB3D believe that creating real change starts at the community level. We not only want to bring a revolutionary technology to the playground of Africa but believe in doing it through integrating local needs & challenges. Ultimately we are here to bring solutions to life where they really matter, right at home here in Africa.

Our Vision: AB3D is one of the first companies bringing 3D Printing technology to Africa and further we at AB3D are at the forefront of the hardware movement here in Kenya. We see these technologies becoming accesible to everyone and believe that the potential change it will bring


Because all the work we do is kept local our resources are limited this is why we have to be creative in our solutions and learn from our challenges.

Along with open-sourcing all our designs. We aim to share knowledge with regard to 3D Printing and its future potential.


Our work centres around how we can contribute to the community. 3D Printing technology is the start of the 4th industrial revolution, where the freedom of information and production capability allows anyone to be a maker. This has inspired a new generation of independent creators all over the world.

Finally we can all be part of designing a better future for the people closest to us.


Bringing 3D Printing to the public & private sectors could open the door to more businesses and stimulate the local economy.

Partnering with local businesses we design and produce custom products that solve local problems.

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