Unforgettable Memories

AB3D - African Born 3D Printing, located in CA, is a fun and fulfilling 3D Printing and Industrial Design, offering kids ages 12-16 an unforgettable lifetime experience. We provide a variety of programs and activities, with top of the line facilities and a qualified staff committed to the enjoyment and safety of all our campers. Come enjoy the magic of 3D Printing and Industrial Design in a caring and inspiring environment.


Our Leadership Training Program allows our active campers to focus on what they love most. Campers have an option of attending AB3D - African Born 3D Printing for a variety of lengths depending on their age and preferences. Each of our programs provides our campers with an unforgettable experience of growth and friendship.


AB3D - African Born 3D Printing provides an opportunity to disconnect from the daily grind and enjoy some quality time at camp. Whether it’s a camper’s first experience with us or they’ve attended before, our Youth Program allows everyone to take the time to learn useful and exciting skills while creating unforgettable memories.


Our special Counselor in Training Program is a great option for campers wishing to unleash their creativity. With our impressive facilities and staff, our campers will have an opportunity to develop their talents at AB3D - African Born 3D Printing. No matter how long they spend at camp, we guarantee a fun and exciting experience for all.