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African Born 3D is a company specialising in everything 3D printed from small trinket items to largescale pieces that you can put together. Moreover, we also sell printers that are locally designed and manufactured using recycled waste electronics to further lessen the carbon footprint of Kenya. 

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What is 3D printing

Before we delve into the specifics of items that are worth creating using a 3D printer, you must first understand what is a 3D printing service. This is a method of creating a three-dimensional object through additive processes. The final design is cut from a large block material that’s melted and added per layer. 

What makes this advantageous is it creates less material wastage. This means that there are fewer materials used since every layer is a thinly sliced cross-section of an object. Moreover, compared to traditional manufacturing methods, the complex shapes created take up little space and thus lessen the materials being used. Since it is an additive process, you just need the design and it’ll create the piece for you through technological means. 

The process all starts with a 3D model. You can create one from scratch using computer software or download one from an open-sourced library that can be found on the internet. 

What types of designs can you make?

Plenty of designs can be created using a 3D printer, you just have to be imaginative with what you want. This type of method has taken the world by storm and it’s time that you join the bandwagon and create something truly unique and useful. 

Here are some items that may come in handy when you 3D print something for yourself:

Watering spike 

The watering spike is an added component for a water bottle so you can upscale it and make it a hose to water your plants. It’s easy to make because you just have to download a 3D print design that fits the opening of your water bottle. 

This will fit into your garden beds or pots so you wouldn’t have to water them manually. You just place the water bottle into the spike and you’re good to go. This can even double as a plant label so you can keep track of the things in your garden. 

Desk hugger

Another useful 3D printed object is the desk hugger. This item can organise your USB cords that are jumbled on your desk so you wouldn’t accidentally rip them from their socket, especially if you need them most. 

Moreover, having this tiny organiser can keep the cords away from sight when you’re working. That’s because it’s placed on the side of your desk wherein it can be kept neatly. 

Printing this is easy, you don’t need to design it on your own because there are designs available in different open-sourced libraries. Moreover, it’s easy to mount it using strong tape or wood glue. 

Survival whistle

Who knew you can create your own whistle using only a 3D printed design? This can create a 118 decibel sound that’s perfect for outdoor activities. Moreover, you can also keep it with you in case of emergencies like when walking home alone or when an earthquake has devastated your city and you need rescue. 

This simple project can be created in just a few hours since it’s small in comparison to other printed designs at African Born 3D in Kenya. All you have to do is download the design from the database and let the 3D printer do the work. 

Sunglass visor clip

Always on the go and need sunglasses on your trips? Don’t you worry because the sunglass visor clip has you covered. This can easily help you affix your glasses to the visor of your car in just a few snaps.

It’ll only take a few minutes for the 3D printer to create this because it’s a simple design that clips the glasses to the visor. 

Watch stand

This can be a complicated design to create because it’ll have to hug the watch to its body. However, it’s a good idea to create one so you can display your watches wherever you want to place them—on your desk, dresser or nightstand. 

Show off your watches through this 3D printed watch stand. This comes in a variety of designs so that it can also double as a decor at home. 

Cable straps

Your computer has a lot of cables connected to it. This can become quite messy if you don’t make proper adjustments. If you want a neat looking workstation, perhaps it’s time you consider 3D printing cable straps with Kenyan designs that are in the database of African Born 3D.

What’s advantageous with cable straps that are 3D printed is that you can adjust the length to your needs. This way, you can have straps of differing lengths that perfectly fit the bundle of your cables. 

Sponge holder or soap dish

You can purchase this easily in supermarkets but what’s a little bit of personalisation with one that’s printed and designed all by yourself? This can even be designed perfectly to fit your sink, bathroom or kitchen. 

You don’t need hours on the 3D printer to make this one. It’s easy to download from the catalogue of designs from databases on the internet. 

Teabag holder

Having problems storing your tea perfectly on the counter of your kitchen? Perhaps a 3D printed holder can do the job perfectly. This allows you to hold the teabags upright on the counter and have it displayed where everyone can reach and see them. 

The holder comes in a shape of a tray that specifically fits teabags. This helps keep them together. Moreover, you can subcategorise the bags depending on what the brand is so yo can keep track of which one you prefer when getting one. 

Where is 3D printing used?

Aside from the small projects mentioned above, there are many uses for 3D printing in a variety of industries. Here are some of the industries that make use of this technology:


The technology is not lost on the automotive industry. That’s because spare parts, tools jigs and other fixtures are created using 3D models. The reason why they use this is because the parts can easily be customised with just a few tweaks on the software to easily fit the car. 

Moreover, it’s also used to restore old vehicles, especially when there are no longer spare parts available. You can easily create a 3D model on a software that mimics that of the spare part and it can be affixed to the car in no time. 


Cement can be a material used for 3D printing and some construction companies have utlised it over the years. Nowadays, houses made from 3D models are available in the market but they’re not as common yet. 

The benefit of having this technology on construction sites is that it’s great for laying down layers of concrete in a quick and repeatable way. This lessens the time spent on putting down the groundwork for the building or the house. 


Some components of sneakers are made from 3D models. That’s because it has more precision compared to traditional means of manufacturing. Moreover, it fasttracks the process of production making it easier for companies to produce a lot more to cope with the demand of the market. 


Frames can be 3D printed! Especially those that are made out of plastic. Each piece can be created through a computer program and are then assembled to become a movable joint object. 

However, it’s not only frames that can be printed using this technology. With the advancement of 3D printing, it’s also possible to create lenses using this method. This lessens the material needed to create a single lens and makes the most out of the production process. 


There’s a direct and indirect way to produce jewellery with 3D printing. You can either create an object straight from a design or manufacture a casting in which the mould will be patterned after. Depending on what you’re planning to do, this can still be a great way to make the most beautiful pieces that you can match with your wardrobe. 


With the dawn of technology, 3D printing has made waves in the field of medicine. Now, you can prin a 3D implant from scratch which makes it easier for surgeons to do their jobs right. This also lessens the needs for transplants that makes procedures all the more complicated. 

Hearing aids are also ade out of 3D patterned designs. These can help the deaf greatly because the implants are more accessible and cheap because it’s made from affordable materials. 

Know more about the 3D printing scene in Kenya as you browse through African Born 3D! We have several articles that talk about the technology in depth. 

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